Saturday, August 8, 2009

Safety - Who Wants It?

I have noticed that those who’re most interested in their physical safety are also those most likely to take an interest in their spiritual safety. I wonder, truly, whether there is a correlation.

My job involves a lot of safety promotion. During the recent deployment of a program of “safety impact” sessions, via a lunch ‘n’ learn format, I observed that the people who accepted my invitation to these events were the people (from my own perception of things) most open to the spiritual things and the ‘meaning of life,’ and their part in that context, in general.

This view aligns with my perception of myself. Intrinsically bonded am I to both safety and spirituality. Of course, the observation is a generalisation. Some people cannot make the planned sessions due to prior commitments.

It bears thinking about though, doesn’t it? Where our values lie, these determine our priorities. We have the choice to do what we please for the most part.

Unfortunately, the same people who think that the fatal accident isn’t going to happen to them (or their loved ones) are probably also blissfully unaware of the spiritual urgency manifest in this humdrum sort of life.

We’re queer in that way. It always happens to someone else... the accidental death or maiming... heaven and hell are no consideration because they don’t exist, right?

I don’t know about you, but it’s a hell of a risk to take if you’ll pardon the pun. Throwing caution to the wind regarding either our physical safety or our spiritual safety is folly at best and tragedy at worst (as it plays out in real life and life beyond).

What we must do is ‘give a heck.’ It matters. It matters in all sorts of ways!

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