Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Cherishable, Transcendent “Upclimbing” Will - It Will Reward You

“[Lord], Help us to remember the upclimbing will that is a staff unto our feet” -Helen Keller.

“‘Tis in ourselves that we are thus or thus. Our bodies are our gardens to the which our wills are gardeners” -William Shakespeare.
We are our own best friends and our own worst enemies. When the will is strong for the task there is so much we can achieve. It supports the whole organism that is the body. When the will is weak, however, woe betide the people who surround us, for they’ll quickly see a pathetic, excuse for an individual, a hagged garden and straying of feet going every which way.

We view a specimen ascribed beauty or beastliness and it’s so largely the will that controls us--pruning with invisible secateurs, even as we decide.

The will either gets into the ‘garden’ of our lives and diligently goes about maintenance and repair toward renewal or it lazes about in the sunshine and is caught out by the rain (not to mention when it stubbornly refuses to respond to what is before it). The wreckage of life is otherwise plain to see and the will makes it so. It renews us or spoils us.

Be careful the ebb and flow of the tide, however, the will either succeeds on the currents, or drowns beneath them. The will fights against or submits to the poor habits of the easy way. Our most powerful ally or our deadest weight, the will will be the making or breaking of us.

So, armed with such knowledge we go on in haste, to a place where the cherishable, transcendent “upclimbing” will is nurtured and thrives until we’re chaste.

God bless the prudently diligent heart. It has all of life before it.

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