Thursday, April 16, 2009

What’s the Opposite of Gridlock?

We’ve all experienced the bamboozling and mind-numbing feeling of mental entrapment. Spiritually or emotionally we’ve cut ourselves off from the Source.

I’ve observed, from a spiritualist angle, the pervasion of the spirit of discord recently and it leads me generally to the same place; that of gridlock.

Gridlock: 1 : a traffic jam in which a grid of intersecting streets is so completely congested that no vehicular movement is possible 2 : a situation resembling gridlock (as in congestion or lack of movement) i.e. political gridlock[1]

The opposite of gridlock, spiritually, is surrendering to the irresistible, ever-continuous flow of God. And this is at once, the easiest thing known to humankind, but also at the same time the most difficult; God needs to break through the tough outer shell of our pride first.

Spiritually speaking, there’s nothing more saddening to see than someone in gridlock against God. The life is perilously close to the hopelessness of the abyss. There’s little hope of returning in these circumstances. While the person remains in the swamp of their own pity, there’s no way back out to the voluminous, living and thriving river of God.

Can’t they see it’s futile? It is perplexing how and why they persist, insisting on their own way, the way of a living perdition.

This is a spiritual ailment, yes! But, it has physical, mental and emotional spin-offs--and all in the wrong direction. It’s honking your horn and road rage, depression and torment, pent-up and full of adrenalin. And, for what? It’s a trap.

And the way out? The choice can be made at any time. We can change tack any time we choose. This is the maddening thing for the knowledgeable onlooker. ‘Just about face’ is what we want to say.

Surrendering to the flow of God is easy provided the person in question can harness the will of their mind.

All that is required is one decision. One decision is all it takes to cause the dominoes of our ego to start falling.

A humble heart needs to direct the mind in these circumstances; and this is not easy because the will is so very strong.

Nurture a persuasive heart, as this alone will negotiate successfully with our mind toward a cooperative and conditional cease-fire.

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