Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Truth Rules, Okay!

“Great time of year.” “The best some might say.” These are remarkable statements, in their simplicity, and for the fact they are both etched in truth; the former in spiritual truth, and certainly a truth for some.

But the latter statement, more so, is a brilliant truth-filled response devoid of exaggeration, complexity, exclusivity or room for untruth. Some... might... say it’s the best. Both conditions in this statement hold it in a way that reinforces its truth. There could be truth to the assertion that it’s a ‘great time of year’; some people might think this.

This highlights to me a part of the character of the individual who said the statement in response to my ‘Great time of year’ comment, which was quite unthoughtfully spoken.

This person’s response smacked me right in the face, with the pungent, unmistakable stench of truth. The statement was irrevocably and irrefutably true. This individual commanded my attention and respect as a result.

It beckons us to repeat the challenge, personally, to become committed to truth so much so that we harness our words and the heart beneath them.

This is to jettison exaggeration, flippancy, slack clichés, and inappropriate humour, all in favour of more accurate and honouring words, tones and body language, reflecting at all times possible the light within us.

This is no overnight process. Becoming more truthful in our interaction with God and others via the words of our mouths is about a commitment to growth and learning throughout the lifespan. It’s not easy but it is achievable, one day at a time.

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