Saturday, April 4, 2009

God Meets Us in the Most Banal Ways

Riding a bicycle is not only good exercise, an excuse to enjoy God’s green earth, and good for the environment; it’s also a way to be touched by God... let me continue.

As I rode one Saturday morning recently, having barely warmed up, I noticed as we occasionally do, a wheelie bin with its contents strewn over the roadway--it was mainly a mix of magazines, junk mail, old cartons, but with some perishable waste. Someone had had some ‘fun’ messing up someone’s day!

Something within me, which nowadays I associate as the Spirit of God, caused me to get off my bike and do something to neaten up the roadway; call it my ‘good deed for the day.’

As I commenced this little ‘recovery’ project I noticed across the road, two little girls (each around 5-6 years of age) who’d noticed what I was doing and wanted in.

I barely had time to consider this when they’d already charged across the road (without looking out for traffic) toward me. Being rather conscious of stranger-danger, apart from seeing them take a risk like crossing the road without looking, left me feeling cautious and distracted. I greeted them and gave them a gentle lesson on the “whys” of looking before crossing the road.[1]

The next thing that grabbed me was the fact they were so willing to help. Even when I said it was safer for them not to help because it entailed crossing the road, they were still keen and came up with an innovative suggestion all their own... ‘You give us the rubbish and we’ll put it in the bin for you,’ was their idea. I agreed so as to encourage their altruism.

As we worked together to clean the mess up we worked as a team, and they even warned me to watch out for cars and trucks passing by! After we finished, prompted again by the stranger-danger voice within me, I ascertained where these girls lived and kindly introduced myself to the parent there as the ‘stranger’ the girls might later refer to me as.

As I continued on my morning ride I reflected. All I did was obey the Voice within me. I think now of the amount of times I’m hardly aware of the Voice or times when I choose not to obey--I’m a little hard of hearing at times.

In this, God showed me so saliently how he could 1) use me positively, and 2) how the most ugly jobs and experiences can turn out beautifully. He also showed me to back my instincts with these little girls and allow them to help me--they showed me how to be generous-hearted. The legalist ‘me’ would have seen their suggestions of help negatively.

Additionally, God’s Spirit filled me again to overflowing as I reflected; I’m so thankful that he gives me these leadings and experiences.

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[1] A key to unlocking the heart of a child toward behavioural obedience is to explain the “whys” in ways they can identify with. I asked them what could happen if they were hit by a car i.e. they could be killed, and how their Mum and Dad would feel about that--how their parents would be upset. Then I said I’d also be upset to see this happen too; all the while maintaining (and watching for) eye contact and attention. This is something that was reinforced for me during a recent session of a Growing Families Australia course. More information,

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