Friday, April 17, 2009

Riding the Workload Waves

I have a few occasional acquaintances that really dig surfing, and as I was thinking of them recently I thought this analogy had relevance in relation to life workload (as opposed to the specific issue of a heavy workload at work). I then decided to Google ‘surf terms’ and I was surprised with how many really bodacious names for all things surfing there are. It’s a click all its own.

Life is like the surf.

Riding the wave, workload wise, is a faith-building task. Some waves seem enormous, even insurmountable.

Learning to smile through these is seeing the waves for what they are--mirages of an unmanageable life.

Any purposeful life gets a little unbalanced and unmanageable from time to time. I think they call it organised chaos. I think all of the most inspiring people I know somehow manage to keep afloat in the midst of this organised chaos.

We need to recognise the peaking waves even before they reach us so at least we can ride them armed with some predictability and certainty of an endpoint. From the Christian viewpoint, riding each wave is a fresh opportunity to shine for God; for his glory. This is so others might see our resilience and be inspired to ask how they might deal resiliently too, so we might explain the hope that is within us (1 Peter 3:15).

All things are for the Father’s glory through his Son, even... especially even, those things that are designed to crush and humiliate us; for if they do we can point to God, and if they don’t, likewise, we can point to God.

Time is God’s, not ours. Even though most people are not confounded by time like you or I might be it is an interesting and potentially transformational dilemma we have.

One of the biggest lessons I learned or re-learned last year was this one: riding the workload waves requires a patient sort of faith. The wave crashes eventually and the waters do calm... but only for a while...

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