Saturday, February 7, 2009

Three Things Go to the Prodigy in Each of Us

Whilst there are intelligent, genius-like, winsome people around, we might not currently connect with this ideal. These three attributes below can make us even more “special” than we already are:

A fertile genius

Genius truly is creativity, distinction and dynamism rolled into one. But add to genius the flavour of fertility--of growth--and we have something that will not only sustain itself but will populate, and even grow in unpredictably diverse (but positive) directions.

A profound intellect

I’m a believer that our Intelligence Quotient’s (IQ) can be grown. For example, when I undertook an IQ test in 1996 as part of a pre-employment deal, I was given four scores (literacy, numeracy and reasoning abilities totalling to an IQ range). I know for sure and certain that I’d have grown in at least one of these areas (literacy)--though another area would almost certainly have diminished as I haven’t used numeracy as much in the past ten or so years.

Intellect is not just smarts, however. It’s also how we use them; enter wisdom. Wisdom is about applying knowledge, and more specifically, when and very especially, how to use it. The profound intellect also has sound emotional intelligence (EI) to capitalise assertively on opportunities.

A pleasant and refined taste

Nothing surpasses the fine taste of the winsome and charismatic personality who can seemingly fit in with a quiet confidence anywhere.

Yet, almost none of us would see ourselves this way. It’s the balance of self-control over the passions and a lightness we bring to all our interactions. It’s ‘grace’ in one word. It doesn’t come naturally. We have to work on trust, faith, confidence, peace and courage, among other things.

These three gifts combined

To think well, whilst good, is not as good as thinking right. Thinking right is all about logic and reason--seeing things for what they actually are, especially from another’s viewpoint. These three gifts above are bestowed from Heaven, but are grown on earth.

The time when these gifts are of most use is in the time of danger and trial. They rise to the surface and provide for the purveyor the very tools of situational leadership and a regality of presence.

These are gifts that we all have; we merely need to endeavour earnestly in developing them.

Copyright © 2009, S. J. Wickham. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Article inspired by a Balthasar Gracian aphorism, “Three things go to the Prodigy”

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