Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Prayer for Impending Suffering

I found myself praying this prayer (general words and intent) recently as I envisioned an outcome in life that I would not like to have to deal with; the sort of outcome that blindsides us. I found it helped me prepare mentally in case this outcome were to become a reality. Fortunately, it hasn’t, yet.

Dear Heavenly Father

I acknowledge you above heaven and earth, and all that is in earth and the universe, as yours, owned by you and your sovereign will, God of all creation. I understand and accept you as my personal sovereign and king of all.

You teach me to accept gratefully all that comes to me. I’m indeed truly grateful for this gentle, persistent teaching. Thank you, Lord. Even though it seems totally estranged to love, I realise that you want the ultimate for me and all your people; and that ultimate is to know you and love you and thank you in all circumstances, though we might suffer a great deal in the process.

Teach me, Father, to know your Presence in the midst of darkness, to know that you travel with me when I feel alone, and to know that you’ll never leave me or totally forsake me. Thank you for loving me, especially at times when I feel like an unlovable person.

For what is coming to me, Lord, that which might cause me to suffer, would you give me strength and guile to deal maturely with it? Would you grace me with your holy Presence and provision, insight of wisdom and vision? Would you gently calm me in the midst of the storm? Would you prepare me if my heart were to be crushed? Would you do that now, Lord, even now?

I know you only want the best for me, Lord, and in faith I understand that my understanding might at times fail me. But, I know that you only intend good for me and not harm and I am thankful for such faith.

Again, Lord, humbly I ask, please give me the strength to deal with the pain of my impending circumstances and the ability and awareness to remain thankful.

In Jesus’ wonderful and glorious name I pray,


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