Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flipping the OBLIGATION

When we cast an eye over our lives and all the various roles we play, there’s one thing we cannot really get away from. It’s responsibility. We’re obliged to do certain things in life. We’re responsible and can be called to account.

But, how often do we respond poorly (in attitude) to our responsibilities? When there’s an obligation, particularly within a grey area, we’re tempted to leave well enough alone and leave it to someone else or pretend it might go away. Worse still, we can be inclined to react to the person, group or stimulus who/that just wants us to do something.

My suggestion is to develop the habit of ‘flipping’ the obligation, by grasping every obligation as a positive opportunity to do what we’re called to do. We can use the powerful reserves in the mind to make a wilful decision to commit regardless of the discomfort, and Just Do It.

When obligation breaks down to its component parts we have a choice; choose to complain, avoid it, or become depressed… slinking into the sinkhole syndrome of procrastination and derogation of duty, or we can equally (and just as easily) bite the bullet, remembering that the mind is powerful and we can simply decide to do the right but uncomfortable thing.

The best thing about this is eventually, with one obligation met after another, we get a reputation for effectiveness, willingness and a ‘can do’ attitude, setting ourselves apart from the lazy, undisciplined crowd.

This is one certain way to put our light up on the hill to be seen for others to model from. We are all examples. Why not be the finest example that we personally can be? It’s simply about trying our best.

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