Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A 365-Day Easter

Now that Easter is over for another year, we may well forget its significance.
Perhaps Jesus is trying to get our attention. Or, keep our attention.
It might seem easy for those engaged full-time in ministry to maintain their faith. This is not the case; quite the reverse, as so many of us know. Even for those of us engaged in pivotal part-time service can easily fall foul of doing it all in our own strength.
A relationship with Jesus sets as its centrepoint the life of repentance, or of turning back to God, for guidance, for help, for discernment, for leading, and for humility, daily, moment by moment; a prayerful consciousness. Are we ever anything of veracity without His help?
When we are thankful for the cross we bear our cross without resentment. He leads us into acceptance for that which we cannot change. We are less tossed and thrown by the vicious, uncaring waves of fickledom.
When we are awestruck by His resurrection we are enthralled about the life He has given us; the faith-life which overflows with more abundance than we often readily imagine. We have courage to change what we can. A confidence that we cannot claim as ours is ours.
Easter ought to be an everyday experience. That could be His challenge and opportunity. Maybe He has so much more to reveal to us. The truth is He has so much that He wants to show us. God displays His glory to us commensurate with our intimacy, our wholehearted devotion, our sheer love.
A 365-day Easter is the way we take God’s hand as He walks with us into the vast sweeping unknown.
Lord Jesus, help me live life in You, with You, and for You;
today for today, tomorrow when it comes,
and ever more Your way and not my own.

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