Sunday, January 22, 2017

Repentant Brokenness and (Finally) God’s Glorious Power

Something happened in a man I once knew that convinced me that one event changed his entire life. Brokenness gave way not to despair alone, but it gave him cause to revere the truth. A truth that set him free in a way he had always wished to be free.
Totally crushed by his own selfish circumstances — utterly abandoned — God gave him one last chance of redemption, and this man took that opportunity with both hands, though it would cost him dearly. He knew it would. He knew he really had no choice.
The prayer of his heart, answered. The course of his life, changed. The destiny of his being, sealed. The purpose of his life, realised. But, broken.
He realised a painful process was, in an absurd way, to be the catalyst to his dreams.
For the first time in his life he was a real human being, feeble and vulnerable. And for the first time in his life, he was not only a man of God, but a man. At his most broken rock-bottom moment.
What a gargantuan paradox. At the moment of his repentance he is blessed with brokenness. He wasn’t used to being blessed like that. None of us are. Indeed, he had never experienced blessing through brokenness before. But, finally, he knew the most cherished of blessing.
For, immediately a breakthrough occurred, but not before he dropped his guard completely, and surrendered all his pride and pretense when he was confronted with the truth.
He realised that day that God cannot use a liar. He learned that it was far better to be broken by the truth so he could repent, and that day God taught him what being Christian is all about; a relationship hid with Christ in the living God, knowing God sees, hears and knows all.
That day God taught him something of priceless value: you have nothing when you think you lack nothing, and you have everything when you accept you have nothing before Him.
It is not a tragedy to be exposed by the truth and need to repent in brokenness, but it is a tragedy to continue a masquerade. The person who faces their inevitable humiliation is quickly forgiven by God. Their place, through brokenness, is power through God’s glorious Presence, because they were humble.

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