Sunday, January 1, 2017

It’s Impossible to Out-Sin God’s Grace

Nothing you have ever done is bad enough to not be forgiven by God. We’re so used to not measuring up to peoples’ standards we think God’s the same. He’s not. God’s unconditional love is so profound it is impossible to fully comprehend it.
Nothing we will ever do, now or in the future, will separate us from God’s love in Jesus Christ. Not that we need that as an excuse to go out of our way to injure our relationships, but we do need to know that no sin can detach us from the love of God.
Importantly, so many people are resistant to God because they either feel they’re not good enough, or, in the same breath, they’re not interested in a ‘God’ who makes them feel bad for anything they’ve thought, said or done. But that’s simply not God on either account.
Firstly, none of us is good enough; hence, Jesus coming, living, dying for us — i.e. dying for the fact that none of us are good enough. No longer do we need to measure up to some impossible standard. Because of Christ we are good enough!
Secondly, God is not a God who makes anyone feel bad for what they’ve ever thought, said or done. God is love and that alone. It’s only God’s mislead Christians who legalistically make people feel bad. Or, it’s the person themselves that inflects that attribution against themselves from the unconscious guilt they continue to carry.
It is impossible to out-sin God’s grace.
If you find yourself having tried every other thing to get your life right, try God. Grace has the effect that it takes all the pressure off. It’s easier to please God when we know He’s pleased with us (in Christ).
The most surprising thing about a relationship with God is the power He gives us to do what we want to do, because, if we have that power, we always want to do the right thing.

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