Thursday, May 26, 2016

Your Sure Defence When Under Spiritual Attack

“When the devil and the world call to you, you only have to answer: ‘You didn’t make me, you didn’t redeem me, and you won’t judge me!’”
— Paul David Washer
We hold so much stock in life, and our lives are one arm wrestle after another to wrest back to the Lord His control over our lives.  The world constantly has a piece of us.  It either lavishes upon us a myriad of idols or it ‘promises’ things to prop up our pride, which, when they don’t come through, and they almost always don’t, a fall is our dessert.
Then there’s the enemy, the father of lies.  He’ll stop at nothing to discourage and afflict.  And if the world’s temptations won’t ordinarily get to us, he will use those temptations of the world to tempt us when we least expect it.  The devil will do whatever can be done to skew our allegiance from God.
But, thankfully, neither the devil nor the world have any claim to us.
God made us, redeemed us, and will judge us.  All three dominions are out of the hands of anyone or anything other than God.
God designed us, made us fearfully and wonderfully, biologically, physiologically, anatomically, and psychologically for His purpose.
God sent His Son to live as we live, to show us how to live, and to die as we die, but with an important difference; to be raised as we, one day, will be raised.  By His resurrection, He is God, and by His cross we’re redeemed.  We’re redeemed by God.
God will, when our lives are said and done, settle the matter of our meaning for life.  We will be judged according to God’s holy standard, yet covered by grace is the believer.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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