Saturday, May 28, 2016

Top 50 Christian Search Words – Some May Surprise You

Here are the 50 top Christian search words on the internet from 2014 research: 
1.     Love – God is love, but so then are we to exemplify love.
2.     Faith – it’s a lifelong journey to discover how to apply faith.
3.     Peace – everybody wants what they determine in their own way to be peace.  The Bible has particular forms of peace.  We have to trust God that His peace is superior to any peace we might be happy to acquire and retain.
4.     Hope – like faith, hope’s essential learning for life for everyone.
5.     Marriage – no surprise here marriage rates so high.
6.     Joy – it’s what the Christian life holds out as the perennial opportunity.
7.     Prayer – we all need to learn more about connecting with God.
8.     Strength – the real Christian life is about His strength in our weakness.
9.     Grace – juxtaposed with sin, we can never tap the fathomless caverns of grace.
10. Children – the future of the Kingdom resides in the least of these.
11. Forgiveness – we all find we have to wrestle with bitterness in learning true forgiveness, and ironically, it’s when we’ve made that journey we begin to understand the depths of mercy in God’s grace.
12. Healing – we all need it, variously and continually.
13. Holy Spirit – from where all our power comes from.
14. Salvation – we all need it, variously and continually.
15. Fear – being human is being fearful.  Faith is the antidote.
16. Trust – such an important concept, both vertically (with God) and horizontally (with people).
17. Heart – a thing that Proverbs speaks so much about — the seat of our intentions.
18. Forgive – see forgiveness at number 11.
19. Comfort – in our grief, not for materialism’s sake.
20. Pray – see prayer at number 7.
21. Worship – our number one pursuit; our living purpose.
22. Friend – Jesus.  But we also need friends who’ll be Jesus to us as well as opportunities to be Jesus to others.
23. Worry – Matthew 6:34 tells us to take life just a day at a time.
24. Light – Jesus, the light of the world, as we, too, are to be lights on a hill.
25. Patience – such a necessary virtue to learn and practice.
26. Death – the deaths of loved ones and friends, plus the inescapable reality: our own.
27. Love one another – Jesus’ final command.
28. Love is patient – it is.  1 Corinthians 13 lists patience first.
29. Truth – believers worship God in Spirit and in truth.
30. Sin – a thing with which we’re all related.  It’s ours to have such a relationship with sin that we love awareness yet repel temptation.
31. Fruit of the Spirit – definite manifestation of God’s Presence.
32. Thanksgiving – not just one day a year, but every day of the year.
33. Divorce – a perennial favourite topic for God’s people.
34. Heaven – not only where the saved are headed, but also a milieu on earth by God’s Presence.
35. Anger – juxtaposed with “patience.”  Being Christian means genuinely overcoming violence.
36. Spirit – see Holy Spirit.
37. Praise – put this together on a coin with thanksgiving.
38. Wife – interesting, no mention of husband.
39. Family.
40. Trust in the Lord – see trust.
41. Tongue – taming the tongue in James 3.
42. Work.
43. God is Love.  He is.
44. Jesus – why is Jesus rated so low in such a list?
45. Ten Commandments – there is obviously still interest in the Mosaic Law.
46. Baptism – there will always be interest in baptism when we have so many differing traditions within Christianity.
47. Encouragement – another such necessary gift and fruit of the Holy Spirit.
48. Satan – part of the arsenal of our faith is to know we’re engaged in spiritual warfare every day of our lives.  It’s good to know how the enemy operates without being freaked out by his presence.
49. Repent – is there any more valuable a concept to equip us for a saved life of service to and for God?
50. Tithe – the church needs and deserves to be resourced.
Some that surprise for being there are “comfort,” “work,” and “friend.”  Obviously, though, the Bible speaks greatly about comfort for the oppressed, as opposed to comfort in a material form.
Some that surprise for not being there are “porn” (given statistics reveal Christians are plagued in equal numbers to this sin/addiction), “addiction” (generally), “theology,” and “husband.”  “Same sex marriage” or “gay marriage” are terms we’d expect to see as well.  And given that Jesus only comes in at number 44, among others that feature higher or lower than we’d expect, we can look at any list and there are surprises which provide for our edification and entertainment.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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