Friday, May 20, 2016

The River of God by Theresa Lokan

Like a gently flowing river
Your love reaches deep within
It touches us and cleanses us
And reveals to us our sin
It teaches us to reach out
And show others of your love
To reveal your glory and your grace
From your perfect throne above
The heavenly balm it brings us
Is beyond all earthly measure
It gently binds up broken hearts
And releases heavenly treasure
Oh Lord your love is infinite
Unconditional and true
The more we yield unto your love
The more we see of you
Like a gently flowing river
Your love flows on and on
To set us free and make us whole
Until you take us home
© 2016 Theresa Lokan.
This is a beautiful poem, rich in selection and placement of words, but richer still in the character of the writer.  I love it how Theresa makes the connection between love touching and cleansing yet also revealing to us our sin.  The connection of glory and grace reveals a commanding vision of the realm of heaven.  A gently flowing river, flowing like His love, on and on, freeing us, making us who we’re destined to become.

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