Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Living the Will of God By Prayer and Peace

Change can be scary.
The moments are unpredictable.
Ranging emotions.
The full circle of grief
Yet no promise of relief
Or that’s how it seems.
What has happened
That has cast doubt
On so many of my dreams?
Change, they say, is inevitable
But ‘they’ are not living
My life.
Then we feel guilt
For having people feel
Sorry for us.
But it’s love, kindness,
And compassion they share.
It’s because they care!
And now I feel loved
Even when life is disjointed
And all up in the air.
Change is difficult
But it’s not a journey
We have to travel alone.
People will understand
When we need to groan.
As does God.
Did you read that Jesus suffered?
If He, then why not me?
These thoughts appear randomly
And it appears our Western world
Does not like how the Eastern Jesus suffered.
I am encouraged
Because I am not alone
It’s God with me
Through those who love me.
I am not alone
And that brings me
Great comfort.
I am not alone
Through this life change
And if God is for me
No matter what is against me
It cannot conquer me.
Change is coming our way and God is readying us for a storm. Indeed, we are quickly reminded that Jesus and his followers lived lamentable lives, in the midst of being empowered by the Holy Spirit to ensure whatever life could throw their way.
The point of pain and change is endurance, and whenever love is poured into our lives we have enhanced capabilities to endure. Life may never be easy as we endure it, but at least we have the will and ability to keep stepping by faith, as one step follows the previous step and so on as we keep on stepping.
And as we step by faith we are fortified by the prayers of those who love us. Where there are many prayers there is much peace, and where there is much peace God’s Kingdom is glorified.
As brothers and sisters band together in responses of love, those enduring losses in grief do so with the strength they cannot explain.
Living the will of God seems hard, but it is much easier when we live life in caring Christian community. When we have accepted that life is no longer about us, that we are living for a broader purpose, we have power to live the will of God, and we are blessed with much peace.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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