Monday, July 14, 2014

It’s Because I Love You

You are my morning and my bright shining day,
I hang on the sound of every word you say.
You are my life when everything else fades,
You are my everything when life cascades.
What you do to my senses gives me my song,
So as long as I look at you I will live strong.
The longer I’ve known you the more I’ve seen,
Just how this love within me sees you as my queen.
Our marriage isn’t perfect, far from it, it’s true,
But I’d remarry you every day especially when I’m blue.
We both love Jesus and the truth must win,
I’m thankful we’re disciples and we try not to sin.
Attractiveness is your strong suit, and wow, you’re hot,
But I can say only physical attraction it definitely is not.
Well, my Princess, I’m thankful for who you are,
It’s because I love you; you’re my bright shining star.
She is my bright shining star – she is.
When God promised me a second chance in the field of love and life and family I didn’t quite expect to be so blessed. The truth about hope is that, while hopes are bold, our hopes tend not to be bold enough. God knows. God is good. God is faithful.
One thing I have observed about my marriage is the more I have given to it, in terms of my own acceptance and maturity, the more I have seen how I have grown. And I think that is the man’s role; to lead the way in acceptance and maturity.
It’s because I love you that you light up my life.
It’s because I love you I will not end up in strife.
It’s because I love you every day I can run this race.
It’s because I love you and through you God shows me his grace.
When we sit through arduous things, arm in arm, and back to back, we are a force for each other, and it can even be seen that you are my sister and that I am your brother. Our love is everything and more, and I still stand amazed at the voluminous value of love that God has nurtured in my heart for you. And truly, you give back in many ways that I could only be thankful for.
You are gorgeous beyond compare, and I love it how God has made me new for you. It’s because I love you that I know I am so richly blessed.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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