Sunday, July 27, 2014

Creating Change By Making Tomorrow’s Start Today

Putting off change is something I’d become a past master at. I was always going to do something ‘this Monday coming’, which was a bad habit to give up or the start of some exercise routine or diet. It never worked.
The only way change works with good effect is by starting tomorrow’s change today; to sacrifice to God those vestiges of the flesh that insist on a last day’s comfort.
Once a sacrifice is made, and we have committed so far as saying, “God, you are first in my life,” we have power for the coming few days. Then the next test is when we begin to wane into ambivalence; we begin to relax and get overconfident and compromise on the things we have been firm with ourselves on.
One Day At a Time – One Moment in Time
We can change anything in our lives if the thing we wish to grasp or let go of becomes either the centrepiece or lesser to God.
God should be that centrepiece, but there are also many ways that we focus on the acquisition of good things by putting them first for a long enough time that they become habit.
If we wish to let go of something that has clung to us unhealthily for too long, we do so best just one day at a time. We can do anything when time is broken down into bite sized chunks.
It all depends on how important this thing is. Is it worth focusing our energy for this time, at this very time, to solve things once and for all.
The only sustainable way for hope when it comes to change is to do it right away, with no delay, but with enough of a plan as to have a reasonable opportunity to succeed.
We are our own reasons for success and failure so much in life. When we can take responsibility for what we alone can do, we have a half a chance to improve our stakes. But if we blame others for what only we can do, or we refuse to engage in what God is calling us to do, we make a pathetic choice that will only serve to harm us.
Regarding change, we are our own best guide or our own worst enemy. If we can make a sacrifice, and keep making them for some time, we will forge new habits whilst breaking old ones.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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