Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Three Ways a Christian Is Saved

THERE is an eternal dynamism in the concept of God’s salvation of an appropriately penitent humankind because of Jesus; those who are saved, are being saved, and those who will be saved.
As a Christian:
1.      You Are Saved
Having taken up the cudgel of faith – having owned our sin – and having committed to journeying with Jesus as Lord – we have a salvation that can never shift; it will never diminish.
A state of justification has taken place – we are justified because we have accepted what the Lamb of God did for us, personally, and for all eternity, on the cross at Golgotha. “Jesus died for my sin, and I accept the Father’s forgiveness for what Jesus has done. What Jesus did, he did once for all time.”
2.     You Are Being Saved
Oh, how salubrious is this salvation fact: Jesus saves me in my trust and obedience every day; every moment I rely.
We are being saved day by day, as we rally for life and against the forces for evil. As we hold forth a life of praise and worship of God, our Lord is providing for us limitless and genuine salvation experiences as we are lifted out of dark situations by our reliance on him who is our Saviour. Even when we remain in darkness situations that are our circumstances, we may be lifted into the light of a spiritual revelation – and that is, by faith.
3.     You Will Be Saved
As light passes from the body and the body takes on the darkness of inert dust, the spirit is lifted out of the body and the soul rises to be with God. In that moment we are transformed from one reality of God’s glory (the bodily variety) to another, most ultimate and glorified form. In an instant we will be glorified. The precise details of eternity are unclear, but we are assured of this fact: it is in every sense, glory. If the other foundations of salvation were entirely blessed, then how might we consider this one? There will be no comparison!
It seems an inexplicable paradox that we are becoming the people we already are. But that is the Christian life of sanctification for you, me, and all who take the gospel message seriously.
Those who have been saved (who have accepted Jesus wholeheartedly) are being saved every day through trust and obedience (sanctification) and will be saved for all eternity (glorification). Salvation is very dynamically blessed concept.
That which is priceless in value is also never more free because of grace: that’s salvation.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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