Friday, April 4, 2014

Holding Onto That Dream God Gave You

Hold onto the bigness of your hope,
Really, there is nothing to lose,
Allow God to restore your scope,
So compromise isn’t what you choose.
RISKY is the faith life, there’s no question about it. Counselling single people, there is always the risk of faith required to believe that God might be ‘preparing them a wife or husband’. What happens if it doesn’t turn out as we had hoped? Do we stand to have our hopes dashed against the rocks of life? Yes, to a point, but then there is always the reality of God changing our vision/dream as we grow through the ensuing seasons of life. We can afford to let bold dreams survive just now.
There is always the reality that is harsh; to not be able to let go of a panacea – the dream to have a certain person love us, or have a certain career, or be graced with the exquisiteness of a special talent to the winning of acclaim.
These are all important and life-defining marks that God has given each of us – those things very difficult, and perhaps impossible right now, to let go of. Maybe to let go is the denial of who we are. God must surely bless the content of our efforts as we develop ourselves and/or wait with diligence.
We really have nothing significant to lose, if we are not fearful of fear itself.
Compromise is Often Driven by Fear
We compromise on our dreams because we feel they aren’t realistic or we feel we aren’t worthy of them. Both of those concerns may be valid, but what isn’t valid is the allowance of compromise simply because we gave up.
We must hold onto the One who gave us the dream or vision of realisation in the first place. As we hold onto the God of our utopian hope, we find the Lord restoring confidence in that hope, as it inevitably wavers.
There is something more important that even the realisation of our dreams; it’s our obedience to God in the willed eventualities of the Divine. Who are we to cut God short by compromising unnecessarily? This is a more serious matter than we often think it is; we promote the work of our will over God’s still too much.
What is God showing us in the waiting, in the praying, in the hoping, in the dreaming? Possibly a lot.
Despairing of bright hopes unrealised is a temptation for us all. Holding onto our utopian hopes takes largeness of faith. Believe despite the naysayers. God encourages an extravagant faith. You are no fool to believe God can nourish plans in your heart and furnish your reality with them.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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