Sunday, April 6, 2014

First Things

HAVING been inspired by The Desiderata (1927) I sought God to inspire through me something along those lines. This is it:
Awaken the ancient call inside you. Do the best you can with what you have. You are neither perfect nor is anyone else. Accept God above and all around as the only King and Saviour; the only Perfect One. Accept limitations gracefully. It’s all we can do.
Concede your blessings and elude your cursing, and know the balance struck is wisdom. But overall everything is what it is. Enjoy whatever comes in a healthily detached way, but don’t miss the opportunity to love, for in loving is the meaning of life. So love the best you can.
Speak the truth, and a hundred fold better, in the justice of love. Find truth through the worthiest of efforts for exploration. Life is the learning ground. Partake of all life with a keen interest, confessing the boredom, restrain the extraneous panic, and add no burden to your peace.
There are many better and there are some worse. Allow yourself a calm position of mediocrity from the striving of those never happy because they must be the best. Being you is good enough. It’s good enough for God. And God should know. Resolve this for peace.
Spare no expense (time, effort and money) in getting your healing, but be wise; much time, effort and money go into worthless healings which serve only to complicate matters, for some healings are snake oil remedies. Listen to people who have no vested interest in themselves; those who have taken the counsel of the years. Trusted people have a track record that anyone can rely on. Don’t be afraid to remain convinced, though scepticism should have a limit.
Ground yourself in the finding and foundation of God. Know that God knows best, and accept the mysteries for the glorious majesties they are. Acceptance is a key to life. Life gets easier when the pressure flows away. Find peace from within the truth.
Peace and the truth coexist because peace and righteousness coexist. What is right is true, so righteousness and truth are the same, so long as righteousness being the outcome of truth. Abiding in truth is the way to peace. There is no guilt added to us. Abiding in the truth, even if it means you lose, is the way to peace.
First things are the things of virtue.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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