Thursday, December 31, 2009

Peace is... what you want it to be

“Finding our peace... each day, it’s mad.”

Peace is stillness, yet not devoid of activity—it rests in the thought of things achieved. Peace’s prerequisite is activity. We earn our rest then take it. Only fools relinquish their hard-earned peace for still more activity. We sow. We reap. Part of our reaping is peace.

Peace is emptying the mind of the burden, the spoil and the swarf of work, the lactic acid and cobwebs of a tired, redundant imagination.

Peace is hearing—being part of—the crashing white-noised waves at the beach. Purity of mind. A single accord.

Peace is looking all the way around. It is 360-degree-living.

Peace is learning to breathe again—yes, I really mean that. Breathing either reinforces or negates peace.

Peace is a movement into timelessness. No worries or concerns for where we might need to be or what we must do.

Peace is about learning, adapting, overcoming—those things that crowd in, threaten, and otherwise maim or destroy.

Peace is more of less. The fullness of lack. The lovely calm acceptance of nothing. Nothing to take, nothing to give.

Peace is abject neutrality. It has no thought to disrupt the status quo. It’s serenely and perfectly safe.

Peace is scarcely believing in the reality of time, for time has itself slowed, in keeping with peace.

Peace, taken further in, is a sacred place for the wise. Considered wise is the person who’s at true spiritual peace. Peace is an achievement.

Peace is truth. It can be no other way. Like the realm of virtue it stands unshaken by the hurrying winds and shifting sands of time.

Peace is gorgeous. It’s entirely what you want her to be.

Peace, finally, is knowledge and the Presence of God. It is his power all over us; his say and his will speaking through our being; our acts and omissions. God’s peace is wrought in humanity gracing itself with certitude, kindness, and joys of all genuine varieties.

Finding our peace—finding “my” peace, more aptly—has got to be about finding our individual essence. This is core to God. It’s his agenda. His plan. His ideas and schemes for our very selves.

Peace is simple. So simple we miss it over and over and over again. But, ‘no more,’ we say.

Courageously we take this simple opportunity to centralise on the only way to true peace. Our higher power. God.

Like our search for God, our search for peace will find it, eventually, provided we don’t accede to the mayhem in the meantime.

Are we willing to struggle for peace?

© 2009 S. J. Wickham.

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