Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Concept of Newness

EVER BEEN sick and tired of being sick and tired? Embracing the world is the quickest, most obvious way of denying the “I AM” in us. Welcome, at last, to the world of ‘your own being.’ Newness is a concept of embracing that thing you possibly hardly know—yet is there anyway—and has always been. The true “you.”

Do you think it’s possible to be robbed of your inner essence before even being born?

As the babe breaks clear of the latticed edges of the womb, it becomes known to a world that hardly knows itself and has scarcely little to offer it. This is a true paradox. Will the newly-sprung mother or father deny the fact that they’ll get lots wrong? Of course, we know they’ll generally get enough right not to compromise the life of the baby.

As an adult you’d have to agree there’s much of life that really doesn’t make any sense at all. Like, why must I work at a place where I loathe my boss? Or, why is it I feel depressed, ambitious, afraid, hopeless or like a black sheep? And why is life such a struggle all the time?

The cause of our problems is, however, so obvious it’s continually smacking us about the face. We’re entrenched to the world, our desires and the devil behind it all.

We get depressed because our expectations cannot possibly meet with the world’s. We’re ambitious and want promotion and “success” but we don’t know why. The promotion only brings another form of misery, but with more money and perks. We’re afraid at all sorts of levels from phobias to those unexplained anxieties—some of which have become so “us” we’re hardly even aware of them anymore. They hinder and control when they shouldn’t.

Hopelessness is a dear friend who visits quite regularly, upon which his cousin denial often breaks in five minutes later. Then a third person joins the festivities of the saddened soul—it’s something from the inauthentic world like a drink or a drug, food or television (usually both together), expensive toys, cosmetic surgery, retail therapy, clothing, video games and any other thing that takes our mind away from that painful stimuli of the truth barely dealt with.

The world cannot satisfy.

We’re missing something. Those who are true to themselves will not only know this, they’ll be doing something about it, even now. (Do you feel that call in your heart of hearts?)

Newness is a concept of embracing the true “you” that was founded before you were born—its source is in God and it can be no other way. You cannot get to be “you” without coming to be with God.

That’s (possibly) the ugly part out of the way.

The good part is this. Our lives are actually really very simple. Only we’ve made it complicated by going only the obvious ways forward. It’s time to outwit the world and climb out of the maze a different way; a way that aligns with our genuinely own understanding—an understanding we’re at times not even aware of yet.

Knowing Jesus is knowing God. It’s as simple as picking up the gospel of Mark or John and devoting one quiet hour to exploring what God came to give you. The only priceless thing that’s entirely free, notwithstanding your will.

Will is, and always has been (and always will be), the central source of your problems and struggles.

Newness is yours any time you want it. Take it. It’s yours, free.

© 2009 S. J. Wickham.

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