Thursday, October 29, 2009

A World of Blessing – Yes, for You!

I see a vision of you, of me… an image of infinite potential; one tantamount to dreaming, but a vision issued in resplendent truth and light—a blazing reality; something beyond compare. There’s lots of blessing ahead for you; you’ll love life and live it full of hope. You just wait and see.

For this vision is a vision of you in this world; imperfect sure, but a world set up for you, custom and purpose made, supplied for your every necessary convenience—even those you’d not expect serviced.

Think… a world where the possibilities are vast to tap into; and as you skate past the dire unfortunates on the upward spiral of intrapersonal success—an express train to the halcyon of inner freedoms—not a ‘Weetie-box’ freedom—but an expansive, rubber-rafted freedom where exigency will be swiftly adapted as bliss—you’ll reach out and grasp their arm, energetically seeking to bring them with you.

You’ll experience the wasteland of wonder; the salve of euphoria; sweet jubilation!

And, why? Why this sense of perfect, inimitable bliss?—the constant antithesis of cruel, harsh, exigent realities. The answer is simply that it’s possible. It’s possible for you, and it’s possible for me—even in the abyss.

We both live a life presently where bliss occurs but in the mind and heart; a nanosecond from reality—it’s a chosen reality, in spite of whatever tumult is happening and even in the inevitability of that fact.

Is it a rank denial? No. You choose to deal appropriately, always; yet in felicity (an old-fashioned word for “happiness”)—a paradigm of spiritual nirvana exists. It hardly feels possible—yet it’s ancients old.

See your reality, truly. See it consist of truth and light—a fabulous mode of bona fide ecstasy envelopes the soul. You’ve won the battle of life, now and forever.

Seeing right, seeing straight; seeing true—a wonderful gift for the one with a heart after Jesus; only and ever. No fear overtakes or overwhelms; not now. No unpleasant realities that absolutely can’t be dealt with; not now.

Sombre, unadulterated, sweat-drenched, ruddy truth—the pacification of the godless state. Our future is secure and we are in him.

We really must remember when our worlds are crumbling under the weight of mental torment, or emotional despair or spiritual attack; the world is still a gorgeous—a majestic—an amazing, place… a place we’ll inevitably have to say goodbye to well too soon!

Why is it that we hardly ever take the time to marvel about life?

The best thing is we can! Right now; right this moment.

Call open your new life—that vision you just saw of yourself. I love that “you!” You inspire and amaze me. Please do.

© S. J. Wickham, 2009.

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