Monday, October 26, 2009

Emptied Again: A Result of Faith Against Denial

There’s one fact of life many people either don’t consider or don’t think about much, but they deal with it in chagrin—that also is conditional on their embracing of truth over denial. Every now and then we feel empty. For an hour, or a day, perhaps even longer, we’re reminded we don’t have the box and dies sorted.

During a period like this recently I sought God on why I felt this way—after all, it always feels foreign, though sometimes I just accept it. Then he told me it was for my own good.

We hardly ever see what is good for us (especially when it feels wrong) unless we seek God in prayer and ask him; he then often reveals these things to us in our own self-awareness; simply by asking a question i.e. we ask ourselves. And by praying I don’t mean the ‘hands ‘n’ knees’ deal. We ask him simply, silently, sub-consciously.

Emptiness is a golden reminder that we are his; it tells us to seek rest in him—and there is no lovelier place in existence. The vision of the soul cast down before the entirely grace-filled throne is a sight to behold—from the personal perspective. We reach truth in one foul swoop!

Emptiness dealt with appropriately is paradoxically the best experience; for hope is renewed through a process of accepting the very real and raw truth—a humbling yet compassionate truth—a truth we can accept, and easily so when we’re in this place.

Being emptied again is an honour. It’s faith’s reward for resisting the temptation to deny reality; to deny our feelings. To process emptiness, and to even love it, but not masochistically, is a great skill of life. It deals appropriately with the inevitable.

© S. J. Wickham, 2009.

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