Sunday, October 11, 2009

Divine Revelation – A Catalyst for Thinking

It happens over the unguarded moment. In the path of a storm front—the micro cataclysmic ‘noise’ of life on earth—comes a gem within the asteroid rubble, unrefined but true. As it’s pummelled and jostled out of the chaos of the temporal mind, it comes to rest as a conscious thought—a seed planted right where it might be fertilised and watered. Will the idea now grow to maturity?

The mental processes are marvellous though still greatly untouchable. How they propagate the being of one person, “operating” them through programmatic design, is a basic mystery perhaps way beyond science.

How is it that thought takes place, and out of it, a single, beautiful idea—a concept, raw but clean? The seed planted requires simply an open mind and heart, constipated not by the terrors of the world, and it is suddenly borne.

The birthing is yet one blessing; what follows is a symphony of blissful growth and expansion as the heavenly onlooker gazes on, pleased. This person will find the ground seasoned and fertile as the idea is both explored and exploited—in the presence only of a vista unbroken—focus and attention the keys.

And this is the design of life—divine revelation—the revealing of truth as shards of light venture hopefully and willingly into known, tangible being. And the truth brings with it a sense of completeness and joy and peace and thrill. We know in an instant; we’ve been touched by a God, all-knowing, majestic and quite beyond comprehension.

True divine revelation; there’s nothing like it to kindle delight known like no other—the thoughts from heaven, shattering the shallow peace of the carnal mind.

And this is truly what we live for... to be touched by God in our beautiful minds.

© S. J. Wickham, 2009.

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