Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time is a Funny Thing - Making the Most of it (Goodbye 2008)

How many of us have said or heard another say, ‘Hasn’t 2008 flown by?’ We hardly ever notice a week go past and that there’s ever any significance in it, yet we have a week go past like the 23rd to the 30th of December and suddenly it’s noticeable, different and significant--Christmas has come and gone and the New Year is suddenly right on top of us. We mourn that the ‘carnival is [nearly] over’ according to the famous Seekers tune.

With some weeks and timeframes there’s a natural significance, like for instance, a birthday. The lead up is exciting. It comes and then goes, and we think, ‘Oh, well, it’s gone for another 365 days.’

Why isn’t our whole life built up with such expectancy? Perhaps it’s because we need balance and we can’t be excited and enthusiastic always; or can we?

In some ways I think we can. In the book of Ephesians, Paul talks about ‘redeeming the time,’ or making the most of every opportunity… not to cram more stuff into life, but to consider each moment as special; as an opportunity to do what is right, and to live wisely. It’s about living life awake and not ‘sleeping through’ the days, months, and years--as in being spiritually unaware of the passing time.

A New Year dawns, and with it fresh opportunities to view time differently, and as more sacrosanct.

How will I make the most of every day, viewing each one as special and a gift from God? (By my choice only.)

How will the most mundane and routine of daily activities take on a fresh significance? (By my choice only.)

How will others’ time become also precious to me? (By my choice only.)

Who will I say, ‘I love you’ to, and how will I appreciate each moment my relationships provide? (By my choice only.)

When all is said and done time is a commodity, but relationships come first.

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