Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Risks Involved and Encountered in “Change”

Seventy-three dead butterflies. This is the number of deceased ‘morphed’ caterpillars I saw that lay dead on the side of the road as I rode my hybrid bicycle during a recent summer-time aerobic workout. I can’t say conclusively if that was the exact number, but it occurred to me there were a lot flying around, but a lot dead too.

They seemed to be so haplessly and errantly flying into the path of oncoming vehicles. It was carnage! Not long back these creatures were entirely safe (at least regarding the particular environmental risk) in an entirely different state; that of the caterpillar.

Flying might be a graceful and liberating prospect for the caterpillar, but the joy can be short lived as evidenced by the hit rate.

I got to thinking about the process of change in life and the risks of changing and how that often creates an increased morbidity rate.

As we embrace a metamorphosis whether a career change, a choice to change tack in life, a personal reformation in dealing with a troublesome habit, or to turn our social circle upside down, there are risks that have to be considered. Change involves inherent risk. We sink or swim.

The last thing we want to do in selecting change is die some cruel outcome due to a lack of good planning. Change involves both the excitement of the unexpected and the new, and it certainly requires courage, commitment and a plan.

Change by all means, and do it with the best intent; do it also in wisdom having carefully calculated the costs and the benefits.

We should not crash ‘n’ burn in seeking to address a key issue in our lives.

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