Sunday, December 3, 2017

Words and the weight they carry

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

Words carry the power of death or life, cursing or blessing. 
Words are powerful. 
Choose them wisely. 
Account for them.
Reflect and, where necessary, repent.
Stories, too, are powerful.
Words strung together create stories.
Stories curse or bless, breathe life or death.
We have stories about ourselves AND others.
With our words and our stories, we’re executing a destiny.
Protect people, don’t persecute them, with words.
Prophesy God’s Word over yourself.
He is a marvellous promise keeper.
Find God’s words that fit nicely, and adopt them as His words for you.
Drink that Living Water.
Eat that Bread.
Such is drink and food for life and blessing.
Words are truly insidious. We speak them with such freedom, but freedom can have illogical lack of restraint. String the same four or five words together often enough and, there, you have a story.
The reason I write these things is more for the negative than for the positive. It’s why I write death before life, cursing before blessing. It’s because we more routinely say what we say without first checking it for validity, because we can, because we are undisciplined, because we cannot tame our tongue (See James 3).
Stories such as “I’m no good at [fill in the blank],” or “I hate such-and-such a group or ideology,” or “What you think means less than what I think, because I think so.”
We much more rarely hear of stories that promote others in a positive light. No, negative words and stories are used as the default way of communicating damaging beliefs we have.
When we have the option of life — to speak words of breath and hope — why would we speak words of any other kind?

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