Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The biggest miracle ever

Photo by Liane Metzler on Unsplash

GRACE interrupts and realigns a life in the simplest, starkest and subtlest of ways. It makes the most massive difference, ever. By grace I mean, the sudden realisation that God has done it all — His love has smashed open and clears away every darkness this life seeks to condemn us with.
The biggest miracle happens on the smallest stage —
one person’s life at a time.
When God gets through, it is His glorious and marvellous work for all to see — for all those who can see how marvellous and glorious His work is… on His masterpiece.
Spiritual healing is far more important and significant, and therefore bigger in the scheme of a life, than physical or mental or emotional healing. For several reasons. Here are at least three. First, the physical, mental and emotional states are existential. They’re passing away. Only our spiritual state truly has eternal matter and matters eternally. Second, possibly the only way we receive holistic healing that covers the physical, mental and emotional states is through spiritual healing. Third, physical, mental and emotional healing all involve some aspect of knowable science, yet spiritual healing involves divine intervention through the intercession of faith. Spiritual healing is solely dependent on God, which is why faith is so important and significant in life.
Here is the key difference spiritual healing makes:
First, spiritual healing is evidenced via the insight a person has of truth as it resides in the reality of their life. Suddenly there is a capacity and a willingness to be honest. Humility becomes them. What others do or don’t do is now of much less consequence. There is a sincere, efficacious internal locus of control.
Second, spiritual healing is evidenced via love. A heart change has taken place and the person lives for others, not in a selfishly self-effacing way, but in a way where there is authentic spiritual joy in their service. They operate for Kingdom rewards and they begin to avoid and shun the rewards available in this life.
Third, spiritual healing is evidenced in faith emergent in a hope that this world cannot extinguish. It is the heralding magnificence of this spiritual capacity that the more crushed a spirit-filled person is, the more faithful God ultimately shows up in their life.[1]
All this from one ongoing miracle:
the acquisition of Grace that only comes
as God’s gift, for which we can take no credit.
As an assemblage, then, the subject experiencing the biggest miracle ever begins to repent continually — such is now their lifestyle — they cannot help turning back to God. Their relationships are buoyant, reconciliation occurs through apology and recommitment, because this one person is filled with light. Through this one person, the Holy Spirit begins to have dominion, within them, and also outwardly as others experience their unique divine light. And the glory is God’s alone.
When grace interrupts our lives, others begin to win, as we’re no longer a threat to them, and neither are they anymore a threat to us. When others begin to win, God wins, and that is how our victory is procured and assured.
In this we can know this is the biggest miracle ever: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8) When a person grasps the reception of that truth, we see what no human being, corroded by sin, could ever do. God has saved us from a life of death unto a life abundant in life! Then we follow with passion, tenacity and commitment, the only one we were always meant to follow — Jesus.

[1] This quote highlights the gospel reverse-reality available as a ‘spiritual reality of being’ for the Christian:
“Yet those that be against us,
so far are they from thwarting us at all,
that even without their will
they become to us causes of crowns,
and procurers of countless blessings,
in that God’s wisdom turns their plots
unto our salvation and glory.
See how really no one is against us!
— John Chrysostom (349 – 407)

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