Monday, July 13, 2015

Prayer of the Person Who Looks Back at Life From Heaven

THIS is a prayer for anyone who seeks to imagine what it might be like to pray from heaven, back into lives remaining on earth:
Gracious God of Heavens and Earth,
You have saved me — that I cannot know more than now! As you allowed your Son to be crucified for the atonement of the sins of humankind, and as he soon passed from earth into heaven — the firstborn of eternity — you have made that way for me. I believed it by faith and now I know by sight. Thank you, heavenly Father.
What could I pray for, for those remaining captive in the life assignment on dear earth? My heart goes out to them; having lived the life, I know what they face. And I sense the day is longing into an end time beyond parallel and there is nothing they can do but hope for a dear eternity — for it surely awaits them.
But, Spirit of my holy God, be in them in as much as to inspire meaning for life — to make the very most of what they have until they are called home to this incredibly surreal and hardly believable Paradise. Make them to pine so much for heaven as to live the fullest life they can in their mortal bodies. Make them not to fret too much for me, for I am deliciously fine! There is nothing wrong with my ‘world’ — make them to hope perfectly upon such perfection of environment.
As I pray back into life on earth, and into the lives of those I ever more love from here, the only sadness in my heart is of the times of unbelief I see. Lord, make them to believe! I know that you will not make them, but usher them toward good choices by your Spirit. Help them to know their choices on earth matter in eternity. Help them to believe upon the Holy Scriptures, for what is written is true.
And finally, Lord, help them not to worry for me. Help them know I eagerly wait for them, but that, now, waiting is never too long for me. Give them that hope. Help them offset their grief with this hope.
I ask this in Jesus’ precious name always, whom I have seen and touched and heard with my own ethereal senses, AMEN.
Imagine meeting Jesus as some of your relatives and friends have already. As we rise in the fleetingist moment, to gaze upon the celestial shore, we too will meet him, face to face. Everything, in one instant, will have been worth it — being with God.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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