Friday, July 24, 2015

Prayer for Those Who Really Need God’s Help Today

GRACIOUS and merciful God,
God of our fathers, God of our forebears, God of those yet to be created,
You are our God, my God, and the Lord of all creation. You, and You alone, are the reason existence is, and You, alone, give everything its place and time and space, as only You ordain. You are to be magnified. You are to be exalted.
You are our Provider God; You pre-ordain everything to exist for its purpose. I pray, Lord, for Your covenant grace to pervade the place and time and space of those who truly need You today. And we all need You. Yet, there are some who need You especially today. Grace them by Your Presence, in their need, today, Lord. Help that person to know You are with them, in their midst, even today, even now, this moment. Give them a memorable piece of You. Give them what they have never had before. Or give them a remembrance for what was, perhaps years ago, a landmark experience of You. Thank You, Lord, that our deepest need, and Your worthiest provision, is to know You.
I pray by Your covenant mercy that You would look especially kindly to the poor today; to those without means of transport; to those who are oppressed; and, to those who find themselves trapped, confused, perplexed, abused, violated, upset, numb, afraid, and especially those who feel depressed. I pray Your emotional and spiritual healing over those who are vanquished of spirit and bereft of soul. I pray even Your anointing becomes to them that precious provision boosting them into new life.
For the incarcerated — whether by external authority or their own affliction — that You would open their minds and free them to choose for Your joy in their tumult. I pray for the shallow of heart that they would experience Your depth of expanse. I pray You would set free the captive; bind up the wounds of the broken-hearted; bring the oil of gladness in place of a spirit of despair. I pray perspective be theirs most who need it. I pray for Your special sight — Your glorious perception — to be in the person who reads this prayer.
Gracious, merciful, and most holy God, I beseech You in Jesus’ name, that You would act upon the heart and cause the mind of anyone who reads this prayer to be renewed. Take them by surprise. Give them a hope that cannot be explained.
I pray that the needs of the needy would be known to You by their prayers; that they would pray knowing that You, the God of all creation, is listening and affirming.
In Jesus’ saving name I am praying,


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