Friday, January 2, 2015

Loving the Vulnerable One Interaction At A Time

Should we think in undignified ways; in ways that undignify people; in ways that leave people to be exploited; to be instruments for our use?
No, it should never be.
People are to be uplifted. They’re to be built up in our sight. We are to dignify them.
We are to do whatever we can to ensure they’re loved, accepted, included, acknowledged, and that God’s love abounds in whatever we do.
Love one another.
That was Jesus’ final imperative to his disciples. We are to love our brothers and sisters; Christians, yes.
But we are also to love everyone. Surely people will know we are Christians by the way we love one another as Christians.
As we love everyone – ensuring that everyone is accepted, included, and acknowledged – we prove ourselves not only to be disciples of the true Lord, we prove also that we have allowed God to do the inner work in us that fear and narcissism no longer goad us to wicked ends.
Our capacity to love is proof of our capacity to rein in our common sinful desires; to have the Lord, lord it over them.
These desires to have our own way, and for people to be used as pawns for our advantage, are so destructive, so demeaning, so callous, as to be dangerous as the ripples extend into their lives.
An abused person – one who is exploited at our hand – is an instrument of chaos because of their hurt. And if we are the ones who hurt them, who are we? We are propagators of the devil.
No, it should never be.
If we harm anyone and do not repent – which is to confess our sin and to do whatever is needed to turn away from it whilst also turning back to God – we can expect to be judged. God, the only True Judge, will do that thing.
Time we have on our side right now.
Let us commend ourselves to Jesus’ famous words:
“Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift.”
— Matthew 5:23-24 (NIV)
Let us save no time. Let us make amends whilst the day is the day. Nightfall is coming, and have you ever noticed the speed of the dimming sun as it fades over the horizon.
The day of the Lord comes.
Now is the time to love whilst we can.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.                  

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