Saturday, January 3, 2015

Accepting God’s Way Every Night and Day

The Lord is no sadistic God.
 The Lord is the Lord.
And the Lord is good in all ways at all times, no matter what we think.
And when we can fit our thinking around such a fact God shows us so much more that we never really saw before.
The nature of God is that God will always have his way.
God will always intervene in life at his own time and in his own way; to bring about the righteousness of God... and this justice of God... we might reckon it necessary that it goes our way, but at the end of the day, so long as the Lord is glorified in all that occurs in life... it’s all that really matters.
And when we can get our heads around that... good is life.
If we will only allow God to have his own way – which will be the case in any event, as we cannot force God’s arm no matter how much we shake our fists at him – then we stand to be blessed by getting out of his way.
Getting out of God’s way is a matter of stepping out of our own way.
Why would we be in God’s way by thwarting ourselves? It is madness; but we have all done it. We have all had a turn at being pigheaded – indeed, we have made it our stock and trade.
We do better in life to accept the things we cannot change.
It’s one half of an activity-oriented wisdom, which is encapsulated by The Serenity Prayer. The other half is having the courage to change the things we can. The idea of wisdom in the Serenity Prayer is complemented when we discern the difference between accepting and acting.
One thing we will never change and will never influence is the divine engineering of the movement of life. Even as the hands of time tick away each second at a time, we have no role to make one iota of a difference.
We are best restraining our frustration and drinking deep of patience.
I know it’s easier said than done. We do well for a time period and then lose our grip – for a time – on the acceptance of life.
Life is beautiful in its time, if we can accept all time is beautiful in life.
Life is unchanging, in that it’s neither for us nor against us. It can only be accepted.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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