Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Hands, Feet, Ears, and Eyes of Love

When all is said and done we either love by our thoughts and actions or we miss the mark, because apathy has a million excuses. Every excuse has its roots in cowardice. But every act of love is full of faith and lacks no courage.
So what do the hands, the feet, the ears, and the eyes of love look like? Here are some samples of a life lived for love:
Notice the little things,
Then encourage those who do them.
Notice the insignificant things,
That are never more significant.
Notice things people don’t do,
Get in there and do what’s so simple.
Bless people in such little ways,
Ways in which you can’t get credit.
Disguise the good things your left hand does,
So your right hand is none the wiser.
Make a difference by making nothing of it,
And then distract everyone by encouraging someone.
Make more of your own sin,
Because God regards it primary.
Enjoy the simple pleasure that does no harm,
Because such a pleasure is true unadulterated joy.
Be all you can, but don’t worry if you can’t,
Life isn’t the competition we think it is.
Please the right people, but most important, please God,
Because your death could take you in five minutes time.
Have not one enemy in the whole world,
So far as it depends on you.
Become something you haven’t been for someone,
Others’ needs are often opportunities to do new things.
Don’t worry about losses when others gain,
For their gain will never be lost on them.
It’s easy to bury the resentment in a solution of honey,
So all that bitterness can be neutralised in something sweet.
Frame language positively wherever you can,
You don’t know what the rest of the world is dealing with.
Learn to listen and God will expand your world,
Others’ needs take precedence when we need ours less.
Play the games of life, but only if nobody else will get hurt,
Remember that love has no excuses; love is responsibility.
The hands, the feet, the ears, and the eyes of love are committed to action, because, with a heart to love we must act. Love is so full of integrity it must do what must be done.
Hold out your love with your hands.
Walk every step of faith in love.
Listen to the flow of life and in that way love.
Observe the loving things done and replicate it.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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