Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cosmically Alone With God, Each of Us Is

This fact is liberating yet depressing, true yet seemingly false, a surety yet nothing seemingly for sure, and it’s also the direct path to life yet it’s almost always indirect the route we take to get there. When we understand this golden truth, then we have the lonely confidence to make the most of life:
“I came naked from my mother’s womb,
and I will be naked when I leave.”
— Job 1:21a (NLT)
We are cosmically alone.
I love my wife yet I will not be married to her beyond this life. Somehow it feels quite a horrible thought that I can’t keep her in eternity, but then I remind myself that eternity will be every compensation imaginable. I love my body – or at least the potential of my body – but my cells and tissues and my blood and bones are simply the materials of the tent God has provided me for this life only. We may hanker after the things we’ve acquired in this life; it’s all vanity.
When our life’s chapter is finally drawn to close we will be at the exact same level as the next person, no matter what life we’ve lived. One soul. One spirit.
How we’ve lived our lives, on the other hand, will represent where we go in eternity and what we do. Nobody else sets our destiny as we, ourselves, do. But, still, much of eternity is a mystery and will remain so in this realm. We make the transition into eternity alone; we go there alone.
But even in this life we have many things that prove we are cosmically alone with God. Nobody can know our true thoughts and feelings other than God. Nobody influences our decisions like we do, and, if we consider that God influences us, we again are cosmically alone in our decision-making. No one will experience all our life with us; only we will know, feel, and experience what God knows, feels, and experiences with us.
Nothing should convince us more that God is real than by the fact of our being – we are cosmically alone. We arrive naked and leave naked. We have no memory of where we came from and we have no knowledge of what exactly we are going to. But we are alone with God.
So many things in life cannot be done any other way than alone. What is a lonely fact is made palatable in that we rely alone on God who is wholly and solely trustworthy. We have nothing to fear in being cosmically alone with God if we accept that very fact. Nothing can threaten our destiny with God.
Soul for soul, spirit for spirit we are cosmically alone with God.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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