Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Purpose of Life is... Compassion

Compassion is the medium that transcends poverty; it leads to true wealth.
TRUE WEALTH has nothing to do with what we associate as true wealth. The secularist has it all wrong; what is right in front of him or her is a grand delusion. They compromise every day without ever suspecting it. And the Christian, so often, follows the world and not their Christ.
Christ is compassion.
When we work toward real wealth – because we know it to be the courage and faith and hope-vested in compassion – we inevitably realise it is the down payment of the confidence of God, which is the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Compassion is the key to your life. It is the key to life.
When we understand the role that compassion plays – to give ourselves away even as if we didn’t care about ourselves – even though we care about ourselves never more to give God a go – we stand to receive the keys to the universe.
In giving we receive.
In loving we are loved back – not by any nobody before us, but via the Lord of all Creation.
In sowing we reap, but we should never sow because we will reap, but we sow because we know how important it is to sow; we know it’s right to do, and God’s confirmation is merely the most powerful anointing that facilitates us doing it again and again and again.
The purpose of life is compassion.
When we love as if we were the Spirit of God our very selves, we get a foretaste of eternal life. God comes into us and makes his Presence known in the gifting.
Compassion is the medium that transcends poverty; it leads to true wealth.
Let’s not forget that this is a reversal world; everything is being reversed. Sense of the common variety is commonly nonsensical, and the only common sense that makes any sense is a Word from God.
This world and all its lack of compassion is passing away. Nobody needs to be told how to ply their compassion – God will lead each one to do what they have been predestined from the beginning to do. All we need do is ask.
If we arrive on God’s doorstep with a desire to sow compassionately, the Lord will give us his work to do. This is the purpose of life; yours, mine, everyone’s.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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