Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Six Hours that Changed Peter Pollock’s Life

“When Jesus Christ comes into a life that life changes. If there’s no change, there’s no Jesus. I’m sorry, it’s all about fruit and it’s all about change.”
— Peter Pollock
The Holy Spirit challenged Peter Pollock, the former South African Test cricketer in the 1960s, on the night he was converted and born again from above, “You’re in the process of trying to gain the whole world – something you’ll never, ever do! But tragically, you’re in the process of losing your soul.”
He had been watching a television debate involving evangelists and atheists. Peter was on the side of the atheists.
God had broken into Peter’s soul, and it was through something of Jesus he had recognised in Reinhard Bonnke (the evangelist) that he had recognised earlier in his wife, who had more recently, herself, been born again from above.
Peter was then told by the Holy Spirit that the real things of life weren’t all his many achievements – the esteem he had gained from fame and fortune – but it was his family; his wife and four children. They were the important ones.
Suddenly it occurred to him how far he had fallen short. Suddenly the waste of a life not lived for Jesus came to bear over him. But then the Holy Spirit reassured him that the years that the locust had eaten (Joel 2:25) would be repaid – he would have a second chance to restore those family relationships. They weren’t abusive; just they weren’t what they could become.
Notwithstanding what had occurred, Peter spent the next few hours debating against Christ at a small fellowship where his wife attended, just down the road from their home. He was still resisting. But as they left that home he was given a piece of paper that had the believer’s prayer on it – and on arriving home, he prayed that prayer deep down in his garden in secret. There were no flashes of brilliant white light or anything, but there were real tears – tears of repentance – and Peter had not sobbed for so many years.
Peter had had the eyes of his heart opened and he had given his life to the Lord, all in six hours.
Change is something that occurs to people when they are inhabited by the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is not about trying hard to keep up appearances – nothing like that at all. It is about being real. The more real a Christian is, the more glory of God there is working in and through them to transform them, day by day, into more of the likeness of Christ.
Here is a piece of advice Peter Pollock was given, having confessed he had given his life to the Lord – the best advice he ever received:
If you’re worried about your sin or about sinning, don’t worry... you just keep your eyes on Jesus Christ.
It all works out.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.
The full testimony of Peter Pollock is recorded here, courtesy of Kerang Baptist Church, Victoria, Australia.

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