Monday, March 31, 2014

Journeying to Spirituality’s Final Destination

Barriers we construct against our own accord,
That’s because they’re selfish, more than we can afford,
But when we approach this journey, finally we can see,
It’s surrender we need to do in order to be free.
“... our own selfish wants are nothing but a hindrance to a journey we are on but know nothing about.”
— Lee Warrington
DESTINATIONS of certainty are not implicit in this life; even if we think we know where the destination is chances are we won’t know how to get there, and worse, from where we are in order to navigate the way there.
When we arrive at a destination of pain we determine there is a journey to another, entirely different, destination that awaits. Our pride and self-conceit will quickly take us off that path, because we are abhorred at the losses already shed at the cross of our identities. Sometimes these losses – in the midst of pride and self-conceit become irrecoverable.
The Journey We’re On, But Know Nothing About
It’s true that we are all on journeys in this life, it’s just that some are easier to predict and, therefore, live than others are.
But there is a journey we are on but know nothing about. We are headed toward a destination where the Lord Jesus has finally prepared us for entry into the Presence of God. But there is a paradox. That preparation continues day by day every day of our lives, and continuously and consecutively, and even subliminally, whenever we get the chance.
Let us accept that we are on a journey – all of us are on it – where we can accept that we can’t know everything and we can’t experience everything, let alone experience the good thing. Suddenly we find ourselves holding on to the incredible mysteries of life.
And these incredible mysteries we are never too fussed about, apart from determining the will to do what the Spirit asks.
The final destination of the Christian journey is to meet God. Everything we do is a building block toward that end. This journey has gleaming touchstones, and we must attempt to show that God cares enough to give us the chance to commit our whole lives to him.
We should trust the path to the final destination. We honor God in it. But this is no selfish path. We do our best to appreciate that God has oversight of our lives.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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