Thursday, March 20, 2014

How Can I Know I’m Strong Enough to Grow?

Existing torment, that’s high in my view,
It seems I’ll attract to me, this feeling of blue,
How can it be that life’s come down to this?
How could God allow me to sink into this abyss?
WHENEVER life has turned south into an enshrouding sorrow or fatiguing anxiety, we might be forgiven for feeling we will never climb out of such a despairing hole. The lack of peace between the ears is a bold testimony of that torment we never thought a ‘good God’ could allow, never thinking that God has his own purpose in us experiencing what a great number of the population also experience. We are not alone. We are actually in very good company.
Many are racked with anxiety – intermittently or continuously – or depression, or of thoughts that intercede and invade.
Many, too many, maybe. But that can’t be the foci right now; not if we are to survive this horrendous state of being. The focus has to be to draw our encouragement from somewhere; to gather our hope from a viable source; to withstand those breakers as they crash against the rocks of our persona.
The answer to our indwelling fear is the key reversal of life; when we feel weakest, doubting our strength to grow through such a dearth of hope, we are best to cast our cares onto the One who cares.
Best Foci By Far – Cast Your Cares Onto the One Who Cares
How great is God,
That He allows us awe,
And especially when we,
Misread the score.
How often we worship,
Those mortals like us,
And give them God’s glory,
In all our fuss!
So rich is the Lord’s love,
He allows us to choose,
What we will worship,
Even if it means we’ll lose.
Our degrees of worship,
Need to be aligned,
Toward the Lord,
In Him, Love’s defined.
In God, love is defined – the selfsame love empowering strength to grow all the way out of the present perplexing dilemma.
As we draw in toward the Almighty God, we have sought the Source of Life. When we go to life we shall receive life, and partake of its abundance.
We can know we are strong when we are weak enough to cast our cares on the One who cares. Real strength is borrowed from the Bountiful Supplier. It is unlimited in favour and it comes via peace and joy and wellbeing so far beyond what we could previously estimate possible.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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