Friday, January 24, 2014

From the Temple, Toward the Cross

A big move for me
A big move for all
Is finally to see
The truth standing tall.
Beyond obeying rules
To relate with God direct
No longer were we fools
Who saw ourselves as the elect.
As we left the Temple
Christ now enthroned as King
We looked unto the cross
And were enthralled suddenly to sing!
The gift of salvation felt
Keenly within the heart
Christ’s Spirit had at last dealt
With what had always set us apart. (Sin)
The cross stands high for Love
The Savior’s life given for each one
Redeemed are we from above
To the Father eternally we’re won!
The delicious properties of knowledge, to know beyond doubt the wonderful reality that Christ gave his life so that I might have life, and life almost beyond understanding as far as the world is concerned, is so salubrious as to be incredible.
The simplicity of the gospel is its power.
Such a truth as Christ hanging on the cross, betrayed and sacrificed by me and you – yes, as a harsh matter of fact – and that he knew beforehand what was required of him – having designed his fate in perfect community with the Father and the Holy Spirit, before creation, is astounding. Maybe we cannot fully understand such an idea of God ‘killing himself’.
Christ knew from the beginning, as did the Father, and the Holy Spirit that now dwells within us, that we would need rescuing from our legalism. As a people we could only know God as a cruel judge and an instigator of rules. The human construction of God is so inherently dilapidated God knew that we would need a Saviour – to be rescued from our own foolish constraints of misunderstanding, thinking of God as a rigid taskmaster.
The only idea of God that has any weight of wisdom – a rationale for God that works unto truth eternally – is one that honours and mirrors the relational basis of life. God simply has to be a relational being, being that we are, as people, relational beings. Knowing we will never be perfect means that grace is necessary in order that we are able to live righteous-in-Christ, knowing that we would otherwise be far from God.
A God of grace – relational and understanding – forgiving and redeeming – healing and restoring – is the only workable idea for God. To entertain this idea, and to accept it, our thinking needs to move away from the Temple and toward the cross. As Christ was raised, so it is also possible for us. Let us praise God for that.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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