Thursday, December 5, 2013

Worship and Magnification – A Circular Phenomenon

“Whatever we worship is magnified. If we re-live and re-remember past hurts over and over again then ‘the match’ will keep burning. If we talk lack and negativity every single day then we will never feel at peace. If we keep talking about how the job market is down, etc then we will always worry. Whatever we worship is magnified.”
— Tommy Segoro
WORSHIP and magnification are two synonymous concepts. One impacts the other. And they are circular. Whatever we worship is magnified and whatever is magnified, due to familiarity, we worship. Yes, circular.
Another way of putting it is, whatever we focus on we become familiarised with. Whatever we find time for finds traction in our lives. Whatever we turn to teaches us, deeper and deeper in its own unique way.
Worship and magnification are the process and outcome; they swap roles by reinforcing whatever the object of our desires is. This is precisely why God knows we must worship him. If we worship the Lord then the Lord is magnified, and as the Lord is magnified the Lord is worshipped.
We are freed of the grip anything else would have on our lives if we purpose our fullest selves toward God alone.
We are tormented, likewise, when we set our focus and our time and what we turn to, to things other than God. It may not always come out as a tormenting experience, but whatever is bad for our health does torment us; our hopes for a bright future and a good finish to life. This is plain and simple wisdom.
But wisdom from the ages doesn’t meet with much favour in the present day; it never seems palatable until it’s too late. We must make our decisions for life by faith, for we will never get the assurance we need otherwise.
Choose What You Shall Worship Today
... we can complete this sentence... choose what you shall worship... or that choice will be made for you. If we will not worship God, Satan will see to it that our worship is so liberal that a million things might crowd in, and God will allow it.
Joshua said, in 24:15 of the book by his name, that, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”
When we make an intentional and a deliberate choice – to go after a life that honours God – we choose what cannot be taken away from us, and we let go of what we cannot keep in any event.
How amazing is the love of God that we get to choose what or who we will worship, and, with that worship, there is magnification. Whatever we worship becomes bigger, magnified. When we worship things of the world, we magnify what often burns us. But when we worship God, we magnify what can only improve our lives.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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