Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nurture Peace, Receive Healing, Experience Joy

Rustling leaves restrained in trees
They rustle to the glory of God.
He made that tree; it’s but one of His decrees
And one day all humankind will nod.
These rustling leaves, they give out peace
As we take in the cathartic breeze.
Massaging the senses, providing release
Glory to God by spiritual ease!
Nature has an awesome creative and nurturing power about it that nobody can truly deny. Plug in the senses to nature’s beauty and healing is not far away.
Being out in nature aids peace and promotes healing. God’s creation is healing. When we feel the breeze on our skin or hear drizzling rain or the rolling waves crash at shore, our senses are soothed. Sure, some of God’s natural processes are harsh, indeed many, but there is beauty in all when we can choose our standpoint.
God touches us in our senses,
When we head outside,
When we enjoy God’s creation,
We no longer want to hide.
For God heals us,
As we redeem peace,
By enjoying the natural environment,
There is spiritual release.
A felt peace is something we all desire, and, though there are many ways to such a peace, a peace that is lit over the senses is most apparent. Our perception is blessed.
Nature Toward Peace and Healing
The peace and healing that’s in focus here is one of existential variety – we need healing just because we are human, notwithstanding what we’ve suffered. Being human – the implication of brokenness – is suffering enough to need peace.
Nature will take us closer to the realisation of peace. It involves us in the senses. When senses are soothed, nature has done its work. Peace is lit on the heart.
Peace As the Platform to Healing
When peace has been lit, healing is foreseeable. As we all need peace, we all need healing. Peace is the platform to healing. When we have peace, or we are at peace, then the doorway to healing is open, because we have opened the doorway of truth.
Healing As the Augment to Joy
If we seek joy – and who wouldn’t? – we must anticipate something is needed to augment it. That thing is healing. We can only know joy – a feeling of needing nothing whatsoever to complete us – when we have touched our healing.
When we nurture peace we experience joy, and maybe joy is a mirage without peace. But healing is the intercessor between peace and joy. Nurture peace, receive healing, experience joy.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.


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