Saturday, November 30, 2013

How Do I Say ‘Yes’ To Jesus?

SAYING ‘yes’ to Jesus is a familiar catchcry, but what does it mean when we break past the niceties of cliché – which are, the nod and ignore responses of a Christianity that is so far beyond being reached?
Saying ‘yes’ to Jesus is an action expressing the single notion, “I follow you, Jesus, and I do what you say, even when I don’t like it.” That is discipleship. It’s nothing more complicated than that. What might be a continual test of our love, our resolve, our patience, and our faith, is actually based out of quite a simple decision.
To follow Jesus is a decision.
By virtue of the decision we do what we have decided to do. We act. Our faith has traction in the decisions we make that align with what the Holy Spirit is leading us to do.
When we seek to answer the question, “How do I say ‘yes’ to Jesus?” we are often left with an altar call situation – saying ‘yes’ for the first time.
But saying ‘yes’ for the first time is no different than saying ‘yes’ the second time, or the third, the twenty-third, and the 907th. The first time is just the first time. Not that it isn’t significant – of course it is!
Saying ‘Yes’ With All the Earnestness of Our Conviction
There is no greater protection afforded any individual person than this: to say ‘yes’ to Jesus by discerning and doing God’s will.
Nothing will invoke the full power of the Holy Spirit and avail the presence of God’s guardian angels more that seeking and securing God’s will by acts of obedience.
We must obey aggressively, declaring war on our disobedience.
Saying ‘yes’ with the earnestness of our full conviction, by holding nothing of ourselves back, by casting all the things of this earth into the chasm of oblivion; that is aggressive obedience of faith.
Glorious blessings of confident assurance, growth and renewal are found in this: when we take God’s line, seeking the knowledge of his will earnestly, and deploying his will sacrificially, then we begin to comprehend the vastness of his nature of multiplicity – life expands exponentially before us: New life.
This is how we say ‘yes’ to Jesus: we discern his will and we do it.
The command of the Great Commission is to ‘make disciples’, so we ought to be disciples so we can make disciples.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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