Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hope By Faith, When All Seems Lost

“Remain tranquil and prepare to bear trials. All is not lost even when you are troubled often or tempted grievously.”
― THOMAS à KEMPIS (1380–1471)
This is an eternal word, isn’t it? This world has so many troubles, trials and despairing for all of us. Yet, there are the hopes for joy that we have – that are not too distant to reach, by memory, in the past – and the hopes for joy in the present and future. We want trials over already, but, as is often the way, they stay far too long. “How long, O Lord?” as the psalmist declared in Psalm 13!
So we need The Spirit’s sponsorship through the passage of trial and hardship.
By faith and in hope we have access to the knowledge that all is not lost; indeed, such blessings might ever be seen. Holding open to the possibility is holding open our entire lives to the will of God – if The Divine should want to reveal a special glimpse of wonder for our edification, even in torment.
Whatever ails and grieves us is not the end, but perhaps it can be seen as a new and important beginning – the antecedent of faith – the comprehensive word of God for our time and for our being.
Such things are possibilities. Can we hold them?
Having invited the Presence of the Lord into our situations – by our trust and patient contemplation in remaining open to The Voice – we stand before him ready to be blessed. Can blessings attract themselves to one who seems, by their experience, to be cursed? Yes, of course; it is the Lord’s will that we would present our selfless selves – an irony of means – an identity of identification in Christ alone – before him. Even in the mode of pain we can know him – and, indeed, know The Spirit more abundantly!
We need The Spirit’s sponsorship through the passage of trial and hardship. By faith and in hope we travel through the present troubles and we receive from God what we need to get through. All is not lost, even in this, the direst of experiences.
If we will cling to the God of Hope even in hopelessness, by faith even when plagues of doubt swarm, and by the extravagance of joy in sullenness, we will see that not all is lost.
When all seems lost – when hope is but a thin shadow – God makes sure something can be found. All is not lost. Believe by faith and you shall see.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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