Tuesday, October 15, 2013

In Faith – This Suffering Won’t Be Wasted

“The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.”
Yep, we all suffer – existentially. What that means is, by being human, we have been cast into a life that – because of its inherent brokenness – is far from perfect. Whether it’s aches and pains, an onerous workload, or the prevalence of frustration (etc, etc) we are plagued by inner complaint. Such is life, we might say.
But there is a way of coping with life that is superior to all other means – and it is to really get, and go for, God. That is to understand and adopt the gospel imperative – forgive!
Forgiveness makes all things new, but we can only have the grace to forgive – to truly let go – when we have thrown up every resistance within us into the ceiling fan of conflict, to be chopped up and obliterated. Once and for all.
Why of Forgiveness – Reframing the Obvious
What is altogether obvious is also something that needs to be lived and relived, again and again. If we can retrieve some joy, some sense for hope, some semblance of meaning in our suffering, it’s through confronting that which ails us.
We find the route through our suffering via forgiveness.
Forgiveness reconciles us to a grander, purer form of integrity with ourselves and our God.
As we reframe the obvious – forgiveness as a way of coming back to God, through the Lordship of the Holy Spirit in our lives – we bring it sharply into view. We have faith that God will convince us of not only the value of forgiveness, but its inherent appropriateness – it is for justice and righteousness we do it: for God.
How of Forgiveness – In Faith We Do This Thing!
There is no simple and easy way of faith other than just doing it. We can do it. We can step each step, by God’s wisdom – in becoming aware and resolving to do it by the strength of the Spirit.
Knowing that forgiveness is the way to better life outcomes – for us; for everyone connected to us – we have every impetus to do it.
We keep it simple; we keep it plain. Nothing ought to dilute our focus.
Nothing helps us in our suffering more than to forgive – to accept our situations as they are, whether it’s hurt, pain, or loss. Sometimes we need to forgive ourselves; sometimes it’s others; at other times it’s God. We must simply do it. By forgiveness, in faith, our suffering is made meaningful.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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