Sunday, September 29, 2013

Praying Psalm 46 – Stillness In Trepidation

God, oh my God, You are my refuge and strength, eternally, as I live!
You are present when I need You – a very present Help in dire trouble.
You find me when I’ve found You and You make Yourself known then!
Therefore, I won’t fear, I won’t tremble, even when the earth shakes,
And though there are great tsunamis and earthquakes,
I’ll still myself in You.
You make the seas to swell up, and, though You command the seas,
I trust You.
I will trust You always – to the ends of my days, with every means in me!
There is the River of God that calms my spirit, Oh Lord,
It streams into the City of God and makes the City rejoice,
This River flows with majesty and its sense of Sovereignty is unmistakable.
God has made His Presence live here, and I enjoy the experience of Your
River, Oh God.
Oh God, You give Your servant the experience of heaven on this green earth.
God, You are in the City – within it – all about – in every nook and cranny;
Whilst You are here, with Your servant, this City shall not be shifted.
And when morning comes gently on the horizon, You will help the City.
Though the other kingdoms – those of other gods – exist, they totter and fall,
But Yours, oh Lord, remains, even as You breathe fire
On these other kingdoms,
And as they melt away before my eyes – You, alone, are Sovereign.
You are with me – the God of Jacob upholds me!
Come, I say to myself, come, and behold the experience of God’s Presence; come view the crafting of His hands!
He has brought great lands to a ruin at the clap of His hands; in the echo of His great voice! He who has done this won’t stop in defending me!
The Lord commands that conflicts cease – even to the ends of my world.
He burns all the heinous weapons of them who fight against me; He smotes them!
He booms, “Be still, and know that I am God! Have faith in Me!
“I am exalted among all the godless nations – they who laugh at you soon come to understand their ignorance and folly. I am exalted over the face of the earth – you shall see!”
You are with me – the God of Jacob upholds me!
God will not hold back his defense of those who call upon his name.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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