Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Discerning and Doing Kingdom Work

God’s part we cannot do — our part God will not do.”
Playing our part – that’s what we must do,
By playing that part through discerning what’s true,
God’s part, of course, is beyond our understanding,
Ours is to surrender and not be demanding.
Oh what a delightfully delicious rendering of truth this is, above; resplendent in simplicity for the living of our faith-lives such that we will go about our work humbly rejoicing that we are given into such roles.
We are helped in the living of our lives by discerning the above truth and acting on it, separating out what we, alone, can do from what God, alone, can do; knowing as we might the things that God cannot do, because he will not do them for us.
But what God will do for us is show us the way, and in such a way we will be shown how to enact his will in achievable ways. God is no hard taskmaster like those we are used to here on planet Earth. If anything God makes things simpler for us than we feel comfortable. We are the ones who complicate matters.
Discerning Roles in Being Blessed by Balance
Whenever we understand what God will do as opposed to what he won’t do, we are blessed, immediately, with a serene sense of peace, for many vanities and worries fly out the window.
As soon as we understand what God will do as opposed to what he won’t do, we see more of the divine design in life; that humanity has capacities ordained to work toward the manifestation of God’s will in this life. We are ordained, as human creatures, to do God’s bidding on this earth. That might be our only function. When we understand this, life is never simpler and it’s never more abounding in a pure holy joy.
What will God not do for the servant who intends on discerning and doing their work, whilst they leave him to his?
Living in the lap of God’s will is that portion of balance we all so richly need. Never is life better. Life feels good, understandable, tolerable.
Discerning and doing Kingdom work is what we are ordained to do. By allowing God to be God, and surrendering to his will, he shows us this work. Only we can do it. And when we do discern and do it we are blessed.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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