Friday, June 21, 2013

Prayer for Living Power (Inspired by Psalm 51)

Having woken after a horrendous night of confusion—a potential relationship conflict where there was so much lack of information—where my spirit was troubled—I sought the Lord, only to find that the Lord had already sought me. He that had bought me all those years ago—even before my time—had sought me again.
Here is my prayer:
You have risen me this morning out of my iniquity,
Having departed your Eternal Presence,
I have woken to your Majestic Touch,
That Touch that has sought me, bought me, and sought me again.
And I seek, now, your Restorative Grace.
Heal me in Jesus’ name.
And... I receive your healing.
Having owned up to my sin,
Knowing my need and the cleansing pace enshrined in repentance,
Wash me anew in your Unfathomable Power.
I receive Living Power for life. Yes, I do.
Underpinning my prayer is this mood of repentance, having departed from the Presence of God. And our Lord knows how weak we are when the pressure comes on; when confusion reigns and we know not which way to go. Doubting clouds faith.
So, in seeking the Lord to have mercy on me, because of his steadfast love, and the forgiving heart of the Almighty, I ask my Divine and Living God, “Wash me, now; make me clean from my sin.”
Can anyone know the level and depth of my transgression better than I? You do, Lord. And even though my transgressions are ever before me, you work with me, though I have sinned against you, alone.
I was born a sinner and to sin I have been raised and sin has been my Magnus Opus—despicable, as it is, to say that. And how could I stand in your Presence if not for Jesus?
You demand truth and, therefore, I wish to be instructed by your wisdom; stitch it into my deepest heart; entwine the vestiges of secret wisdom into the core of my being such that truth would be my instinctive gauge.
Purge me with the materials of cleanliness and I ask, let me at some time hear the sweetest notes of joy and gladness; let my brittle bones become soft again so they may rejoice.
O Lord, hide your face from my wicked way.
Inspire within me the freshness of heart that belongs solemnly to you, and to you alone.
Do not depart from me, O Lord, I beg of you. Consider me worthy enough of restoration. I receive it in the name of Jesus. Restore me, I beg, to the bliss of knowing eternity with you, now and to come. Give me a spirit willing to serve.
Give me living power to sow your seeds and do your deeds.
This prayer is inspired by Psalm 51.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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