Friday, June 28, 2013

Awareness and Action In Spiritual Attack

The enemy of God, like talons into flesh,
Is desperate to cause hateful ructions,
His desire is to enmesh,
Where spiritual friends are stretched,
And then become foes,
We all need to know,
His desire is to increase all our woes.
But when we see, what they are, the devil’s cheap designs,
We call him to account,
Along the Saviour’s saving lines.

Never underestimate the devil’s snarky designs woven into the lattice of spiritual warfare. Awareness is the key. As soon as we become aware of the attack, we call him on it; not in anger, but in the Power of the Holy Spirit; in calmness, that God’s will always prevails, knowing that God is on our side!
Ah, to recognise the wiles of Satan!
The moment of recognition, the apparition of awareness, even in that moment, to swing back to the Lord and allow God the opportunity to crush the hateful, cheap design; this is one of the most powerful blessings of God in redeeming the moment as God’s and God’s alone.
Spiritual people must know the presence of evil as it is personified through the spirit of the Accuser as he slinks back and forth, conniving as a Jezebel to cause trouble.
The more benefit we may be to the Kingdom of God the more we may realise just how annoyed the enemy of God is.
When we comprehend even a snippet of the truth regarding the heavenly realm here on earth, even in this present moment as we read, we begin to understand the contest for our spirits. The devil has this conquest with God—a forlorn conquest that was defeated 2,000 years ago—but he would rather fool us in our lack of awareness.
We see not the attack in many conflicts we are required to negotiate. Love is the way.
We see not the attack in many derisions of spiritual disharmony. Stillness is the way.
We see not the attack when we doubt God. Faith is the way.
We see not the attack when we are despairing. Hope is the way.
When we see the attack in these situations and more, and we turn, repenting in the moment, we can say, “I see what this is about, Lord. Thank you for helping me. I am yours and you are mine. Protect me at the hand of the evil one, by making me to refocus on you, on calmness, on hope amidst the torment, and peace to transcend it. I invoke the Risen Power of the Lord Jesus Christ over this, through the Holy Spirit. Amen.”
We receive great power when we call upon the Holy Spirit in the midst of spiritual attack. This is our act of obedience by repentance in simply turning back to God by our awareness.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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